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Video: Video: KITECH Dual Arm Robot Performs Manipulation Tasks

This video shows the robot performing three different tasks: (1) peg-in-hole, (2) block assembly, and (3) picking up a sheet of paper. In the first three scenes, the robot inserts a key-shaped peg into a corresponding hole (the first scene shows the full process, and subsequent scenes show faster performance for the same task). Next the robot performs an assembly task using a pair of toy blocks. The final two scenes are a demonstration of the robot picking up a sheet of paper from a table. *This video has been introduced in IEEE Spectrum Video Friday, Sept. 2016. ( The robot, YUM has 50DOFs and 3D vision. RC2L(Robot Cognition and Control Lab.) KITECH(Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
Ji-Hun BaeScience & Technology

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KITECH Dual Arm Robot Performs Manipulation Tasks