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Video: Video: This Super Bowl commercial will only air in the St. Louis area

This commercial will air during Super Bowl XLIX. Its gripping story is meant to raise awareness about the heroin and prescription painkiller epidemic in the St. Louis area. The stark contrast in tone between the upsetting images and the almost light-hearted music is an intentional choice that reflects the stark contrasts of these real-life situations. The terrible truth is that some young people see the use of prescription opiates as a kind of lark, something fun and relatively risk-free. That perception is entirely disconnected from the reality: that experimenting with highly addictive opiate painkillers, which are almost chemically identical to heroin, all too often ends in heart-breaking tragedy. In using the tools of drama to convey this crucial truth in a 60-second spot, we created a parallel disconnection between the visual story we see on screen and the musical story we hear. It is disturbing. It is jarring. It is painful to watch. And we must pay attention to it. Visit for more information.
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This Super Bowl commercial will only air in the St. Louis area