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Video: Video: US Senate votes on US$700B financial bailout package

1. Wide of Senate voting on economic-rescue package, John McCain's name called 2. Wide of Senate voting, Barack Obama's name called 3. Presiding officer of the Senate reads vote tally UPSOUND: (English) "On this vote, the Yeas are 74 and the Nays are 25. Persuant to the previous order, the amendment having attained 60 votes in the affirmative, the amendment is agreed to." 4. Wide of Senate being called to order - Graphic display on screen showing vote numbers 5. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, talking to reporters 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Harry Reid, Nevada Senator and Majority Leader (Democrat): "The American people have a right to be frustrated with the economic crisis that they face and we share that with them but inaction is not an option which is why we worked expeditiously and in a bi-partisan manner to stop a bad situation from getting even worse. It's my expectation the House of Representatives will follow suit. We all understand the process hasn't been easy but passage of a responsible answer to the crisis is now in sight." 7. Various of Senate floor prior to vote 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Barack Obama, Illinois Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate: "We can't afford to take a risk that the economy of the United States of America and, as a consequence, the worldwide economy could be plunged into a very, very deep hole. So to Democrats and Republicans who've opposed this plan, I say step up to the plate. Let's do what's right for the country at this time because the time to act is now." 9. Wide of Senate floor 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) John Kerry, Massachusetts Senator (Democrat): "It's ugly that we're here. This is a distasteful vote. None of us like this vote. But the fact is we have a responsibility to put our country and our economy and our security and our strength ahead of all of those dislikes and do the responsible thing here today." 11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator (Republican): "I am convinced we're going to get most of the money back if not all of it back by the way we've crafted this proposal. But I'm equally convinced if we do nothing, we're headed to a recession, maybe a depression, and you think it cost a lot now, just do nothing and see what it cost. Nobody wants to be in this spot, but if you don't want to be in these spots, don't run for office." 12. Wide of Senate floor 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jim DeMint, South Carolina Senator (Republican): "Mr President, I strongly oppose this legislation. It takes our country in the wrong direction. It forces innocent taxpayers to bail out government policies and Wall Street mistakes, it asks the American people to take a leap of faith and trust people who have consistently misled them." 14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator (Independent): "This bill does not deal with the absurdity of having the fox guarding the henhouse. Now maybe I'm the only person in America who thinks so, but I have a hard time understanding why we are giving seven hundred billion dollars to the Secretary of the Treasury who was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs who, along with other financial institutions, actually got us into this problem." 15. Wide of Senate floor STORYLINE: After one spectacular failure, the 700 (b) billion US dollar financial industry bailout found a second life Wednesday, winning lopsided passage in the Senate and gaining ground in the House, where Republicans opposition softened. Senators loaded the economic rescue bill with tax breaks and other sweeteners before passing it by a wide margin, 74-25, a month before the presidential and congressional elections. Obama spoke before the vote was cast, saying that it was the time to act and do what was right for the country. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:
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US Senate votes on US$700B financial bailout package