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Video: Video: William Shakespeare Biography and Life Story | Author, Playwright

William Shakespeare Biography and Life Story: William Shakespeare was born to John and Mary at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. The date of birth of William Shakespeare is an issue of controversy but it is widely accepted to be 23 April 1564. As a child, William Shakespeare didn't even receive the basic education and today his works are read by literary scholars around the world. In 1952, He got married to Anne Hathaway. William Shakespeare had three children Sussana, Judith and Hamnet. Soon after the marriage, Shakespeare almost went hidden. The years from 1585 to 1592 are considered as Shakespeare's lost years. William Shakespeare's first poem was written in 1593 named 'Venus and Adonis'. Initially, William Shakespeare's poems and plays were often called Rubbish but he didn't quit. In 1594, Shakespeare's plays got published and by the year 1599, William Shakespeare got fame from all over the world. There are 38 plays and more than 150 poems. William Shakespeare has also given more than 3000 words to the English language. William Shakespeare died in 1616. He has cursed his grave saying "I will curse anybody who disturbs my remains." For all his achievements and contribution to the English literature, William Shakespeare is regarded as "The God of English Literature". Read the complete biography of William Shakespeare - --------------------------- Subscribe to our channel - --------------------------- Like us of Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Follow us on Google+ -
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William Shakespeare Biography and Life Story | Author, Playwright