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Video: Video: Africa is not homogeneous, the many races of Africa (but we should be United)

Many people may think of all Africans as a single, monolithic race, however, many different races populate the African continent, and they do not like to be confused for each other. Go check out the Iconoclast's channel: In this episode, I talk about some of the major racial groups in Africa, along with their appearances, characteristics , and where the live. I love learning about different cultures and places, and I love sharing this information even more. I hope you learn something new while watching and share it with a friend! *Disclaimer* For some reason, when people come to my channel they assume that I hate Black people. I am actually part Black myself, and hold nothing but respect for people until proven otherwise. If you're ever watching one of my videos, please watch the entire thing, and realize I am never trying to demonize a certain racial or ethnic group. Thank you. Thanks for watching!
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Africa is not homogeneous, the many races of Africa (but we should be United)