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Video: Video: Richard Spencer | The Alt-Right's Future in Trump's America (Full Interv...

Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute, speaks at length about the alt-right, the alt-lite, and how the movement goes from the internet to the mainstream. In this interview, Richard explains identitarianism, the alt-right's appeal to young people, his status with and analysis of the "alt-lite," how the alt-right transitions from the internet to the real world, what he meant by his now-infamous 2013 "homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity" tweet, and more. This is an interview, not an endorsement nor a condemnation of his views, and as a public figure and leading voice of a growing political movement, Spencer's ideas- although you may disagree with them- are worth listening to. Help support the channel with equipment and tech- thank you! Amazon link: Support on Patreon: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Facebook:
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Richard Spencer | The Alt-Right's Future in Trump's America (Full Interv...