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Video: Video: Noam CHomsky: Donald Trump is a clown. He literally could be in the circus.

Art is Power's Patrice Milillo speaks with Noam Chomsky about everything from Donald Trump to the role of artists, social resistance, and economic stagnation. Prior to interviewing professor Chomsky for Art is Power, I emailed prominent sociologist, Charles Derber asking what he felt the role of artists is today. He responded, "Most social movements rely on art as a powerful vehicle for expressing dissent and resistance - as well as helping articulate new visions of society. I think we will see artists moving close to the center of social justice movements in the 21st century, partly via the power of the computer and social media." I asked Professor Chomsky if he agrees with Derber, that artists are taking on this role. His answer connected the current primaries, Donald Trump, Greece, and World War II.
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Noam CHomsky: "Donald Trump is a clown. He literally could be in the circus."