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Video: Video: Devil's Food Cake in a heavy metal bundt pan

This is a variation of my recipe for "Chocolate Cobbler Cake," which I've found to be very reliable and easy to make. This recipe gives you a dark chocolate devil's food cake that is certain to be remembered when you serve it to friends, family, and guests. It's designed especially to work in a thick and heavy bundt cake pan, especially one made from cast iron. I use a method of pre-heating the metal pan, to ensure the cake is thoroughly cooked and releases from the pan without sticking. Pre-heating the pan won't work with a thin bundt pan, especially one with a so-called "non-stick" coating. The cake recipe will work in a non-stick pan, but you'll need to grease and flour the pan in advance, as with any other cake recipe. The recipe for this cake can be found on my Web site, Cast Iron Chaos, at: You can meet many friendly people who enjoy cooking in cast iron on Facebook's Cast Iron Cooking group at:
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Devil's Food Cake in a heavy metal bundt pan