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Video: Video: Ethical Dilemma: What's The Right Thing To Do? | MONSTER BOX

If you have read the book "Justice: What's the right things to do" by Michael Sandel, you will understand that ethics and morality are not straight-forward. The biggest ‘trap’ people fall into, is thinking that they are good people, simply because they want to do good. We believe that self-driving cars should be programmed to minimize human losses because it seems to be the right things to do. But is it? This video reveals the flaw in such logic, not just in the case of self-driving cars but also in the case of fighting for animal rights. Special thanks to Shanks Wang for his incredible content that inspired us to make this video. You guys can check out his Quora page right here: We also wants to thank the Quora Community for their incredible Q&A’s. There are so many great things up there and every science lover should check it out @ Help us caption & translate this video! Last note, We’d like to give a shoutout to Ryan Vu, and Nguyen Lu Quynh Anh for their awesome translation, which is an incredible contribution to the Vietnamese Subtitle ⚠ Watch our other videos: ➡ Will Robots Replace Humans And Take Our Jobs? ➡ Tobacco - A Toxic Product That No Country Bans ►If you haven’t Subscribed to our channel, SUBSCRIBE NOW: ►Monster Box Website: ►Monster Box Twitter: ►Monster Box Instagram: ►Monster Box Facebook: ►Monster Box Patreon:
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Ethical Dilemma: What's The Right Thing To Do? | MONSTER BOX