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Video: Video: Why the Dutch Wait Less at Traffic Lights

Hate waiting at traffic lights? Yeah, me too. Good thing the Netherlands has smarter traffic lights to make sure that happens as little as possible. It's amazing what you can do when you design to move as many people as possible, instead of as many cars as possible. Special thanks to Matt from who helped with some of the content for this video. --- References: Safety Evaluation of Protected Left-Turn Phasing and Leading Pedestrian Intervals on Pedestrian Safety Signalized Intersection with Prohibited Right-turn-on-Red, Highway Safety Manual, 1st Edition All Directions Green (Tegelijk Groen) - Groningen Lucas Magalhães (Youtube, used with permission) Rood, groen en geel 75 jaar verkeerslichten in Amsterdam VETAG / VECOM / SICS Nautikaris Korteafstandsradio (manufacture's website) Verkeerslichtbeïnvloeding (Wikipedia) Korteafstandsradio (Wikipedia) Groningen installs rain sensors for cyclists at traffic lights (The Netherlands) Why giving transit vehicles their own lane speeds up traffic (the Downs-Thomson Paradox):
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Why the Dutch Wait Less at Traffic Lights