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Video: Video: 10 Funny and Embarrassing Stories from Reddit FwF#28

Thanks For Watching! 10 Funny and Embarrassing Stories from Reddit FwF#28 Send Your Stories to Facebook: Story Line-Up 1) Backup by colzeZ 2) In Plain Sight by iddk 3) Milk Disaster by Sara 4) No Kindness Unpunished by whitedsepdivine 5) Vented By Twofuxcan 6) Break a Leg by xehilox 7) Saw that Coming by GodMonster 8) Staring Contest by Hdalby33 9) Board with Snakes by Hdalby33 10) Slip ‘n Slide by eggmarie Please Check Out some of my Inspirations for starting my channel, they are amazing YouTubers and I hope to work toward the quality they produce! 1) Hellfreezer 2) Be. Busta 3) Reignbot Check Out My Previous Videos, especially the Editor’s Choice!: 1) 5 Editor's Choice TIFU Stories No. 2 2) 10 Funny and Embarrassing Stories From Reddit FwF#27 Music by Kevin MacLeod “Marty Gots a Plan”, “Sneaky Snitch” Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Art:, Pixabay, Beachfront B-Roll, Gratisography, and Freerange Stock Video by Pixabay Sound Effects: If you want to see other content by me, please subscribe to my channel. Like and Comment on the video, this really helps all YouTubers. Most, if not all, take a lot of effort to produce and they work hard to provide quality material for you. • Category: Comedy License: Standard YouTube License
Fun With FailureComedy

Jalen Hurts


School Closing


Jared Kushner

Jeff Sessions



Clemson University

Derrick Rose


Alabama Vs Clemson

Lola Kirke

Tree Man


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10 Funny and Embarrassing Stories from Reddit FwF#28