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Video: Video: why I don't like chicken tractors

This is an excerpt from the 177 hours of PDC and ATC video at - That's me giving my "Animals in the Landscape" presentation! I need to emphasize the difference between chicken tractors, the philosophy vs chicken tractors, the contraption. The contraption is okay-ish. It's the scorched earth part of the philosophy that bothers me: keep the chickens in one spot until all the "weeds" are gone; at that point, the chickens have dug the area up really well and fertilized it thoroughly; the area is then referred to as "tractored" (although "tilled" might be a better word) and ready for planting. But most seeds don't germinate in something as hot as chicken poop. For the vegetation metric, i give chicken tractors a -2. The only place in all of my scales to have a negative number. And the reason is that the first 60% of the greens that the chickens eat will be great, and then the next 20% will be slightly toxic and then the final 20% will be quite toxic. Chickens have a strong instinct on what to eat. To make the point, I ask davin to demonstrate the human equivalent human instinct around food comparing chocolate chip cookies to road kill. And then I point out how the instinct of a chicken is far stronger. Further, when animals feel sick, they find poisonous plants to be attractive and can then self medicate. Thanks to my patreon peeps for pushing me into making videos again Dr. Hugh Gill Kultur Kyle Neath Mehron Kugler Kerry Rodgers Bill Crim Lisa Goodspeed Jocelyn Campbell Dolius Greg Martin Bill Erickson Ashley Taylor Vention Bartell wade L Samantha Tree Eric Tolbert G Cooper Ramona Boston Bryan Beck Kevin Perry Denzil crews Aias Polly Jayne Smyth danita neu Edited by Josiah Kobernik music by Jimmy Pardo More relevant stuff here: My new book! Building a Better World in Your Backyard - instead of being angry at bad guys Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters 4-DVD set 177 hours of Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course Permaculture Playing Cards World Domination Gardening 3-DVD set Rocket Ovens DVD Permaculture Bootcamp Podcasts, daily-ish email, forums, come visit, workshops, affiliate programs, consulting, etc.
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why I don't like chicken tractors