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Video: Video: I was inspired and re-recorded Hamilton Act 1 ad the Muppets

Making ya proud Lin! Cast: Alexander Hamilton - Kermit the Frog Aaron Burr - The Great Gonzo Eliza Schuyler - Miss Piggy Marquis de LaFozette - Fozzie Bear George Washington - Sam the Eagle Angelica Schuyler - Camilla the Chicken John Laurens - Beaker Hercules Mulligan - Rowlf the Dog King George III - Animal Peggy Schuyler - Janice Samuel Seabury - The Swedish Chef Charles Lee - Elmo Congressional Delegates - Floyd and Zoot Crazy Patriot - Crazy Harry Statler and Waldorf - Themselves 0:00 Alexander Hamilton 4:09 Aaron Burr, Sir 6:45 My Shot 12:28 The Story of Tonight 14:01 The Schuyler Sisters 17:09 (Chef) Refuted 19:01 You'll Be Back 22:33 Right Hand Man 28:04 A Winter's Ball 29:13 Helpless 33:37 Satisfied 39:05 The Story of Tonight (Reprise) 41:03 Wait For It 44:23 Stay Alive 47:03 Ten Duel Commandments 48:51 Meet Me Inside 50:14 That Would Be Enough 53:12 Guns and Ships 55:20 History Has Its Eyes on You 56:59 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) 01:01:09 What Comes Next 01:02:48 Dear Theodosia 01:05:52 Non-Stop I own nothing especially Hamilton and The Muppets. #Hamilton #Ham4Ham #Hamifilm Now on SoundCloud!
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I was inspired and re-recorded Hamilton Act 1 ad the Muppets