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Video: Video: I convinced the British Public and that I was an Olympic gold medalist in Fencing

I was never any good at sport... With little over 2 weeks planning I managed to pull off this cracker of a jib amongst some of the UK's most top notch security... After buying a Rio 2016 Olympic replica tracksuits and fake gold medals from eBay we set off with one mission, to get as close as we could to experiencing how a well achieved Olympian does. After getting onto the Modern Pentathlete's float and meeting the awesome Samantha Murray, we took a step back and took it all in. After spending the whole day posing for photos and enjoying free stuff we found out that the man himself was at a local posh bar. We managed to get in wearing our tracksuits then made it our mission to meet the man himself. After that, we were invited back to the Olympic afterparty where we spent the evening getting drunk with the UK's top sporting talent. T'WAS A GOOD DAY. Thanks to Samantha Murray for being such a great sport, and for being so great at sport. TEAM GB WOO! CREDIT TO BILL WURTZ ON THE SNAZZY MUSIC. THIS VIDEO WAS SPONSORED BY TABLES CAFE, GRILL & BAR. IF YOU'RE EVER IN BRISTOL AND WANT SOME DECENT MUNCH GO HERE (Shut up now Evrim): Instagram: CHECK OUT MY INTERVIEW WITH MY SECOND FAVOURITE IAIN TO IAN BEALE. MR IAIN LEE. AND ON BBC NEWS: This blew up on the news. Check out the articles here:
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I convinced the British Public and that I was an Olympic gold medalist in Fencing