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Video: Video: Jeremy Stolen Valor Dewitte

Jeremy Charles Dewitte lives life on the edge. On one side is the truth and on the other side is... not... and Jeremy is well-practiced at straddling the edge, misleading people into believing whatever he wants them to think while never explicitly stating his claim. That way it's YOUR fault if you think he is a police officer. Never his. Or so he would have you think. Because sometimes, it seems, Jeremy gets carried away by his alternate reality fairy tales. And unfortunately for Mr. Dewitte's fantasies, one of those times was captured by a Tampa police officer's body camera. Meet Major Jeremy Charles Dewitte. ~~~ Music: Slick Move by Dave Renda / Fesliyan Studios. ~~~ Follow us on Twitter @realworldpolice ~~~ Real World Police is a proud supporter of the Florida First Amendment Foundation, protecting and advancing the public’s constitutional right to open government. ~~~ Do you have independently verifiable inside information on this (or another) story? Email Your identity will not be revealed without your consent. Because we receive dozens of tips daily we cannot respond individually to every submission. If we need more information from you someone will be in touch. Remember: we don't publish footage that has already been published elsewhere. The tip line is not for requests. Please don’t send links to news articles. ~~~ Want to help make Real World Police happen and get rewarded for it? Become a supporter on Patreon today! Supporters get access to: -Exclusive full-length Real World Police videos -The Roadcam series -Supporting documentation: police reports, court records, and other investigatory material -Material from cases not shown on the main channel, like the arrest of Chris Hansen and the detention of T-Pain by the TSA -Early access to some videos -And more! Rather not? That works too. There are more than 480 free videos to enjoy!
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Jeremy "Stolen Valor" Dewitte