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Video: Video: Phrasebook FAIL! Why Your Phrasebook Fails You

How to use a phrasebook effectively! If you have ever traveled with a foreign language phrasebook and found it useless, you simply weren`t using it as well as you could have. Phrasebooks aren`t very useful if you just use them on the fly when you`re trying to communicate with someone. Even if you manage to make yourself understood (which could be a tall order depending on the language) you won`t understand what you`re saying in the foreign language, and you won`t understand anything the other person is saying. In a case like that, might as well use Google Translate. But Phrasebooks make great portable study tools. Find out how to use them most effectively. Support Langfocus on Patreon: Music from

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Phrasebook FAIL! Why Your Phrasebook Fails You