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Video: Video: Exploring ego through western psychology and eastern philosophy

What is Ego? From ancient Hindu and Buddhist literature to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, our image of self has been put under intense scrutiny. Support this channel at: Most of the episodes in this series are inspired from conversations with my friend Barbara Szymanska - What is Ego? - Sigmund Freud, Hinduism & Buddhism | Ego Explained In his psychoanalytic theory of personality, Sigmund Freud described human personality as incredibly complex containing several components. He postulated that the three elements of personality known as Id, Ego and Super Ego work together to create complex human behaviours. While the Freudian ego is more about negotiating conflicting impulses and standards, the ego that’s usually discussed in eastern philosophy or spirituality, has more to do with recognising what the self actually is, when you say “I am”. Essentially it is about identity and the perceived separation of the individual from the world. Ego death. Is it necessary? Through the lens of eastern and western philosophy. Some of my recent episodes: The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus: How Architecture affects Human Behavior: Binge watch the whole series: Subscribe to my channel: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter If you are a reader, then this is for you. Journal of Things blog: My heartfelt thanks to all of my Patreon subscribers. A Thompson, Amrush Prence, Ethan Saftler, Martina Cook, Murari M, Puteri Najwa, Shreyas, Audrey Miller. Northern Diaries Digital Media is a film production and storytelling channel that creates films, podcast and web series, often on existential philosophy. Credits: Royalty free footages from: Monk’s Chanting by YuNu Walking through Hong Kong Hyperlapse by Motion Places Sound effects: #ego #sigmundfreud #buddhism
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Exploring ego through western psychology and eastern philosophy