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Video: Video: Socialism HAS worked (lengthy but fantastic analysis of the USSR’s planned economy)

For may day I bring you the benefits of the workers struggle and evidence of its success. Socialism has worked. Socialism has worked well. And socialism will work Sources: Allen Dulles CIA director on the threat of the Soviet Economy: Towards a soviet america, Increasing production: Do Publicly Owned, Planned Economies Work? By Stephan Gowans: The Soviet Union in Asia: Geoffy Jukes: Revolution From Above: The Demise of the Soviet System: Farm to Factory: Soviet growth and calorie consumption: CIA report on the soviet diet: Soviet Women Remember Socialism: Woman's rights and litericy campgain: Sheila Fitzpatrick interview: Robert Thurston Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia: Full rights outlined by the soviet constitiution: List of innovations in the soviet union: Brock and Keller Where do innovations come from?: Most innovations funded by the state sector: Healthcare within the USSR: Paul Cockshott: We lived better then: Referendum on the preservation of the ussr: Fall of the USSR and capitalist restoration: Detailed multi part essay on the fall of the soviet union: Russian Federation statistics: Russian control over oil and gas: More on state control over oil: Most Russians regret USSR collapse, dream of its return, poll shows: Romanians long for 'good old days of communism': Oppressive and grey? No, growing up under communism was the happiest time of my life: Tajikistan pines for old Soviet Union strength: Former Soviet Countries See More Harm From Breakup: Russia Nw”, in The Washington Post, March 25, 2009. Information about east german accounts: Bulgarians feel swindled after 13 years of capitalism,” AFP, December 19, 2002. Globe and Mail (Canada), June 9, 2008. Support dwindling in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland,” The Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2001. Polish Left Gets Transfusion of Young Blood: In Post-U.S.S.R. Russia, Any Job Is a Good Job: Central Asia in Nostalgia for the Soviet Period: Economic development, political-economic system, and the physical quality of life.: Full Parenti lecture: Music:
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Socialism HAS worked (lengthy but fantastic analysis of the USSR’s planned economy)