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Video: Video: How To Make Your Own Supreme Air Jordan 5

Everybody's favorite streetwear brand, Supreme, is teaming up with Jordan this Fall for three separate Air Jordan 5s- a black pair, a camo pair, and an all-white pair which is eerily similar to the 'White/Metallic Silver' colorway. In fact, the only real difference between the Supreme pair and the White/Metallic pair that Jordan Brand released is the 'SUP' branding on the mesh and red 'shark teeth' in place of the metallic silver. Of course, people are going to go apeshit for the Supreme pair, which is absurd because the 'White/Metallic Silver' joints were relatively easy to find. Just because Supreme is only releasing 1994 pairs of their Air Jordan 5 doesn't make it any nicer than the pair shown in the video, and we've taken the liberty to show just how easy it is to make your own pair. And you won't even have to spend $750 on the secondary market! Get ready to get your Bob Ross on... Follow & Subscribe to HotNewHipHop to stay updated on all sneaker news, information and reviews: (Like) (Follow) (Photos)

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How To Make Your Own Supreme Air Jordan 5