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Video: Video: New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack'

In an interview with Channel 4 News, the New IRA said it was committed to ‘armed actions’ against border infrastructure – and ‘the people who are manning them’. The New IRA has broken its long silence over Brexit, saying any border infrastructure would be a “legitimate target for attack”. In an interview with Channel 4 News – thought to be their first on-camera interview for decades – a masked spokesman for the proscribed group said: “The IRA is an army. And as an army we are committed to armed struggle for political and social change in Ireland.” “Bearing in mind any installation or aspects of British occupation within the Six Counties – be it at the border or elsewhere – any infrastructure would be a legitimate target for attack and armed actions against those infrastructures and against the people who are manning them.” The man added: “There’s been a border since 1921. It’s been resisted. It is being resisted. It will be resisted regardless of any deal formed around it.” (Subscribe:
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New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack'