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Video: Video: New Secret Compartment Box

This was the project I had in mind when purchasing my Laguna 1412 Bandsaw. I finally purchased a Resawking Blade for it I’m happy to share this with everyone. Made with walnut, curly maple and paduak for the splines. The box has a false bottom and the compartment slides out to the side. The compartment release key is a section of the curly maple liner. It’s pulled up, flipped around and pushed back in to compress the wooden spring and release the compartment. The inside of the secret compartment was finished with suede flock. The lid had a hole from a knot and was filled with epoxy. The finish used was Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish. Links —Laguna Resawking Blade - —Flocker - —Titebond Glue - —Epoxy - —Video on my finish - Chilipeppr - Contact - Email - - Instagram - Thanks for watching! If you enjoy my videos, please like and subscribe. Any funds generated from this channel are invested back into it.
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New Secret Compartment Box