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Video: Video: Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic

No more staying silent. The time has come to start some dialogue about Fair Use and how it's constantly being trampled on via the YouTube claim and take down system. Please Click the Show More below! Special thanks to the awesome people who appeared in this video. Adam from YourMovieSucks - Subscribe Here! I Hate Everything - Subscribe Here! Brad Jones - Subscribe here! Donate to the EFF here - To clear something up before people mention it. Yes a Strike is placed on an account after a DMCA take down is placed, and the studios technically aren't 'giving' the strike as it's YouTube's rules. The thing is, the studios at this point know that a DMCA take down = Strike with YouTube system in place, so they are giving you a strike. There's more we want to add, but that will have to be for another video. Get some Nostalgia Critic T-Shirts here - See more at our Site: Follow us on Twitter: Like Doug on Facebook: Like Channel Awesome on Facebook:
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School Closing


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Clemson University

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Alabama Vs Clemson

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Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic